I Can’t Be The Only One..Β 

The past few years I’ve been feeling stuck, I am to this day very desperate to get far far away from everything. What I mean by ‘Stuck’ and ‘Everything’ is the past almost 5 years I’ve been on the journey to achieve enlightenment in my own ways.. I’ve been very spiritually connected and just absolutely OVER drama & bullshit but the group I was born into seems to stay the same as in no ones evolving, no one’s growing which is fine because its none of my business what anyone else does except when its around me, when I’m being forced into the bullshit. I’m at a level in life where I just don’t care about anything thats not beneficial to my happiness or spiritual growth which seems to make certain humans very upset. Have you ever heard of someone getting angry because another person wants to be happy or to be positive? Yeah thats the humans around me πŸ˜’ its hard to stay positive around this group.. I know I have to get rid of all negative things which I’ve tried thousands of times. literally I will live as if these people do not exist but seems like when they see me living my life without them in it they try finding a way to get my attention or start problems that I have to finish or else ill be unhappy for sure. I can ignore people very well for the most part though.. Idk just felt like typing my problems away I mean this blog is for like my stress reliever in a way. Thanks for reading if you did, not looking for answers really I just like typing shit out or writing. Bye Bye.πŸ’– 

Signed: Jerrica. 


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