​So, What it do babyboos? First let me say really quick that to whomever’s reading this I hope you’re having the best moment you can possibly have and that I will be spreading love and positive vibrations to you through this post. 💖💖🕉☯ Lately I’ve been really into free dancing.. Well actually not just lately but pretty much my entire life now that I think about   it.. I’ve always been that African chick who dances around the house, I dance in the shower (don’t try that because YOU WILL BUST YOUR ASS)  😒😒 I dance when I’m cooking, I dance when I’m cleaning, I pretty much dance anytime I’m alone, but what I mean by free dancing is.. Moving your body without THINKING about moving your body if that makes any type of damn sense 😄😄 maybe not but shit eff it.😧😧 been shaking my booty and dropping it like it’s hot around the house while my two little dogs stare me down lol I would start to laugh because in my head I’m thinking about what they must think whenever they see me being silly like that lol but the other morning I decided to record myself while I danced around the Zen Palace/Room just because I do alot of random crap. but I actually enjoyed watching myself dance around. I’m pretty much saying all of this to tell you all to just be free! Do what makes you happy, whatever makes your soul happy.. Do that shit 😜😜 life is short blah blah blah yeah we know so stop letting people constrain you, stop letting society tell you what to do, what’s right and what’s wrong, or what’s weird and what’s normal. Think for yourself okay babies? 💛💛 this was a very random, short, all over the place blog post but ay, everything I do and say I feel is pretty much all over the place, I’m scattered brained so I jump from topic to topic like I’m doing right now 😂😂 Lawdness 😣😣 I’m crazy. 🔝🔝 There’s the screenshot I took from that video I recorded the other morning of me dancing. I’ll talk to you all in my next blog post. Heading over to my polyvore account to put together a OOTD to post here 😙😙 later babies.


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