Wnna Hear A Creepy Story? πŸ‘»β˜ πŸ’€

Want to hear a quick funny but creepy story on the Tampa bay lightening shirt I’m wearing in this photo? Okay but first let me just say.. I took this picture lastnight, I finally took out my African bodyplat braids 😒 I’m going to miss them until I re-do them again next year. 

Alright now for the good stuff. I actually found this shirt.. I found it behind an old abandoned morgue/mortuary. I use to walk to the hood a lot when I was 18 to hangout with my friends from my previous apartment complex.. There was a mortuary I use to walk behind as a shortcut to get there. One night I was doing just that when I seen this shirt laying on the ground.. It was all old and had rips in it like the kind you’d see if someone had been stabbed while wearing it but it was dark so I couldn’t really see exactly what type of rips until I took it home. So yeah I did just that, picked it up, continued to the hood, had a blast then walked back home hours later. When I got home I decided to hand wash this shirt then hang it up over the showe rod to dry. So I run the water and start to wash the shirt when all of a sudden the water in the sink started to turn red, I quickly realized it was BLOOD! Sooooo much blood, then I seen the slits in the shirt, I showed everyone in the house when one of my siblings had yelled out “That shirt must’ve belonged to someone who died, probably was taken off of the body by someone who worked at that morgue, they probably threw it outside or something.”

 Maybe 3 nights later I was in bed knocked out when my sheets were snatched off of me.. I jumped up because it scared me then I seen a shadow on my wall of like a buff man, he stood there for a few seconds then it walked away. A few nights later I felt my lip being pulled as I layed in bed scrolling through my phone πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I don’t know what that was about but I kept the shirt and I still wear it to this day as you can see.πŸ˜†πŸ˜† you may think I’m making this up or you might even think I’m crazy but to know me is to know I don’t be giving no fcks. I’m use to dealing with “Ghost” my entire life, I’ve seen some weird creepy shit and still now as an adult I see and hear things all the time but shit eff it, as long as they don’t hurt me I’m cool. 

πŸ’™πŸ’™Peace and elbow grease humans βœŒπŸ‘½ talk to you in my next blog post and remember..”whatever’s good for your soul.. Do that shit”


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